28 May 2015

Agreement in the Council

On May 28th 2015, the Council under Latvian Presidency agreed on a general approach for single-member private limited liability companies. The major innnovation is the online-registration. The Presidency compromise text will be discussed in the European Parliament in September 2015. The Proposal is available on this website under 'legal texts'

09 Apr 2014

Follow-up: Proposal for a directive on single member companies

On April 9th, 2014, the European Commission published a proposal for a single member private limited liability company as new way to simplify the creation of companies with a single shareholder across the EU. The Directive aims to make it easier for businesses to establish subsidiaries in other Member States as subsidiaries often tend to have only one single shareholder.

30 May 2011

Compromise proposal of the Hungarian presidency rejected by Germany and Sweden

On May 30th, 2011, the Hungarian presidency presented to the Competitiveness Council a compromise proposal to the outstanding issues with a view to reaching political agreement on the draft regulation. Sweden opposed the threshold of 500 employees for employee participation observing that the threshhold in Swedish national law is much lower. Germany is of the opinion that an SPE should not be allowed to have its registered office and central administration in different member states, but added that other measures for avoiding abuse are possible and should be elaborated until the next Council meeting in June.

21 Sep 2010

New Articles

For new articles discussing the SPE see the "Publications" section.

09 Dec 2009

European Council discussing compromise proposal

On December 3rd and 4th, 2009, the European Council discussed the Presidency's compromise proposal for a Regulation on a European private company. The proposal is available on this website under 'legal texts'.

15 Mar 2009

European Parliament: Legislative Resolution of 10 March 2009

On March 10th, 2009, the European Parliament passed a legislative resolution approving the Commission proposal in an amended version (see press release in English and German). Both versions are available on this website under 'working papers'. The content of the resolution is retrievable at the website of the European Parliament.

03 Dec 2008

New Articles available

The index of publications has been revised. Several additional articles concerning the SPE are available.

20 Oct 2008

Arbeitskreis Europäisches Unternehmensrecht publishes comments on SPE proposal

The Arbeitskreis Europäisches Unternehmensrecht, an independent expert group of European company lawyers (see also, published comments and proposals on the SPE regulation. The paper is retrievable on this website under 'working papers'.

19 Oct 2008

Statement by Deutscher Richterbund

The association of German judges published a statement on the SPE proposal which is retrievable at:

18 Sep 2008

German chambers of industry and commerce publish statement on EPC

In a statement, issued 28 August 2008, the German chambers of industry and commerce comment on the proposal for a European Private Company.
The full text of the statement is available under 'working papers' on this website.

17 Sep 2008

Federation of German Industries (BDI) and Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA) publish common statement on EPC

In a common statement, issued 11 September 2008, BDI and BDA welcome the initiative of the EU commission to create a European Private Company.
The full text of the statement is available under 'working papers' on this website.

26 Jun 2008

Proposal on SPE statute adopted by EU Commission

The European Commission adopted a proposal on the SPE statute on 25 june 2008. This proposal is currently being discussed by the delegates of the member states' governments. It is the intention of the EU Commission to see the SPE statute enter into force by mid-2010. The proposal is available for downloading on this website (see "legal texts").

10 Mar 2008

European Commission holds conference on the European Private Company

The European Commission is holding a conference on the European Private Company. Speakers will discuss the economic advantages of a new European company form dedicated to SMEs and the content of the future Statute. Some 120 participants from 24 Member States are expected to attend, representing businesses, public administrations, academic circles and advisory professions.

17 Dec 2007

European Comissions releases Consultation Report

The questionnaire about certain matters of the incorporation of a SPE was sent to various companies in different member states. The summary and analysis of the answers can be found under the following link.

03 Oct 2007

Speech by Charlie McCreevy

In this speech Mc Creevy, commissioner for internal market and services, announced the statute for 2008. The aim of this consultation was to make out the interest in a harmonised company.